A book on Design Literacy for Everyone

Hi. I'm author Scott Berkun. My eighth book is about teaching basic design literacy to just about anyone. It's a book you can give to a coworker, your boss or your neighbor that will show them how to see the world more like designers and how that lens can help them understand and engage with the world in many ways. 

The goal isn't to teach readers to be designers, as that takes experience and practice. Instead, it's to get them to design literacy. To understand why design is so important, to look at the world more like designers do, to understand the basics of how it's done and why much of the world isn't designed well (and what we can all do about that). For professional designers, this will be a refreshing and inspiring read that will help them think more clearly about what they do and how to explain it all better to the rest of the world. 

The plan is to make this a community project. There will be a blog and I'll invite folks to give feedback and follow along. 

If you want to help out, or just want to follow as the project progresses, please join this list. Thanks! 
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