The holiday season, no matter what your religious beliefs, is a time of celebration. You don’t have to believe a particular way to use the deeply rooted and rich traditions and symbols of the season as a personal ritual on your path of growth and purpose.

Using the symbolism of each Advent Candle as a guideline for exploring your desires and to feed your spirit so that the holiday period leaves you feeling satiated and deeply pleasured.

Beginning on Sunday, December 2nd, The Advent Series is a spiritual journey for the soul exploring the tenets of Hope, Preparation, Joy and Love.

The 2018 Advent Series comes with two extra bonuses.

One – As a holiday gift, this course is offered at no cost.

Two – Be nourished by the wisdom and voices of eight additional authors including: Andi Cumbo-Floyd, Becca Rowan, Jenn McRobbie, Karen Milito, Kayce Hughlett, Melissa Bartell, Molly Totoro, and Theresa Reed

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