the Daily DO!


This year resolve to make small changes that come with major impact.

A few statistics:
  • 46% of people make New Year's Resolutions
  • 80% have abandoned them by February 1st

In comes "Sarah's Daily Do"
Life is about the little things. You want to get healthy and happy in 2012? Who doesn't?? So why make some crazy promise to yourself that you aren't going to keep? It's time to decide on something attainable. Too often we go overboard at the buffet of life and pile it on so high we can't even see over the dinner rolls.

Not with the Daily Do!

So, here's the idea:
  • Sign up for an email blast that gives you a new daily challenge every two weeks (long enough to potentially form a healthy and happy habit, though not long enough to seem unattainable).
  • These could be anything having to do with Health, Fitness or general overall Wellness (you'll have to sign up to see!)
  • They are easy, small things that could have a BIG effect on how you feel.
  • Along the way are motivational tips and maybe some bonus mini-challenges... (though nothing too preachy or peppy. Gross...)
  • With all the info out there, it's a lot to digest (ha...get it?). My newsletters will break it down and make it manageable.

Who am I and why should I be telling you what to do daily? My name is Sarah e Jacobs. In addition to being a performer (and running a blog over at, I have a certification in Holistic Nutrition and am working towards completing the Health Coach Training Program at Institute for Integrative Nutrition. In other words..I'm a health freak. But worry not! I'm normal and down to earth and I'm not a crazy! I find yoga a little boring...There. I said it. The thing is, I just like being healthy and helping others get that way, too. I'm incredibly passionate about health and nutrition and am constantly learning and finding ways to make it accessible to everyone. I've changed my own lifestyle one step at a time to get healthy and happy, so I know what it's like.

What's a Health Coach? We act as guides to healthy living by incorporating lifestyle choices and nutrition. Total health, from a Holistic standpoint, isn't just about what you put in your mouth (so to speak). It's about everything from fitness and nutrition to relationships and career. Have you ever wanted to make improvements in your everyday life but don't know where to start or what to do? Do you set goals and then slowly watch them fall away into an abyss?

I can help you! I'm like your own personal mini Health Coach! Woo woo!

Ok. Enough with the self-helpy stuff. Let's make a promise to each other to do these small things to help ourselves!

This action plan will set you up for a healthy and happy new year. Throughout our Daily Do duration, feel free to email me at any time with problems or concerns or Daily Do desires. The program started Jan 15, so the adjusted price is just $30.00! Because resolve wanes, half way through the year you'll have to recalibrate and make the commitment again to your "Daily Do." A sort of Resolution Rejuvenation to feel the excitement and motivation of Jan 1st all over again. You have to recommit.

So sign up below!

For the price of a couple NYC cocktails you could make BIG changes to your everyday life. I always say to start small. Think of what these little everyday things could add up to in the end. We are all busy and fill our lives with so many things. Make a commitment to do these little tasks every day for YOU! And remember: You can do anything for just 2 weeks!

Let's DO it! Sign up for the Newsletter blast below.

(*Note* It's not too late to sign up! You can still join in on the fun!)

Here's to a healthy, happy and successful 2012,

Sarah e Jacobs

Creator of the Daily Do
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