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Welcome to the Author Advice Newsletter! By subscribing, you'll be receiving specific tips and techniques that will help you establish yourself as an author. And it's free! There's no class to buy, no book being sold, just good solid advice from a USA Today and NY Times bestselling indie who has been doing this since 2012.

Who the hell gives info away for free? Is there something wrong with me? Well, the short answer is... 

1. I made a rule early on that if I was procrastinating on my writing, I had to do marketing. Either learning a new skill or putting together a promo campaign.

2. I like marketing. Kind of a lot. I'm always learning new stuff and this newsletter serves as a place to list it all out...for me and you.

3. I like helping other authors. Kind of a lot. I believe in reaching back to pull others up with me.

4. I don't have time to put together a flashy pay-to-play class for authors. I'm not an internet marketer, I'm a writer.
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