OMG! It's the OFFICIAL PipersPicks.TV Secret E-mail Club

YES! Our OFFICIAL Piper's Picks eMail list has delivered secret insider info since 2007! You'll get special info about episodes, contests, and just better communication with us! 💖

MUST BE 13 OR OLDER TO SIGN UP FOR EMAIL (16 if you live in the EU)! If you're not, no problem! Just follow us on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. If your Mom or Dad wants to sign up, that would be MeGa-PiPeRiFiC too!
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That's right! We don't do direct mail or those weird "customized online ads!" Piper's Picks only uses your info from this form to be in touch with you and so we can provide provide updates and possibly contests or marketing (but only if we personally approve👍🏻).

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