Welcome to Canine Arthritis and Joint Newsletter.

This is for information to help you learn about daily and new technology in ways of helping your dog get through his/her day pain free and enjoying life. Sometimes it's difficult when our furbabies hurt and it seems like we have done everything we can think of and still nothing is working.

Here, I will keep you up to date on any new tips I find, joint support supplements, herbs, medical technology, therapy and anything else that involves helping our pets.
This is specific for dogs only.

I am here for guidance and moral support.
I hope I can help you find alternative ways as well as up to date western medicine solutions that vets may not think to offer.

 Consult with your holistic veterinarian before trying anything new.

Note: Many times people come here when they have tried everything the Vet has recommended or given and nothing has helped much. I can guide you down a path that I know will help your dog in ways possibly not mentioned before. A lot of times vets don't suggest or recommend alternative ways because they are unfamiliar with it. They know how to treat with medications and send you on your way. Sometimes vets will even recommend "putting a dog to sleep" saying it's hopeless. Don't take these words lightly. I think there is much more hope than your vet will say. So take matters into your own hands and help your baby walk pain free again. I can guide you and even hold your hand through this no matter what direction you decide to take. Be Ready to take a different road and do a little work. You won't regret it, I promise!

For immediate help, contact me via email: PetOrganix@aol.com

This newsletter will come out once a month. (First of month)
A different time from the regular newsletter.

**We will not sell, license, share, transfer or otherwise disclose individual information to any third party, EVER!


**This newsletter is intended for basic guidance in techniques and situations. This is not to replace the advice and care of a veterinarian. Please contact a professional if you are in need of further assistance.
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