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Thank you for your interest in receiving email updates from Michigan Open Carry, Inc.  On this page you'll have the opportunity to signup for updates and also choose what type of updates you wish to receive.
  • Our Legislative Alerts will send you alerts about pending legislation we are taking action on. Your participation in our State's lawmaking process is key to our efforts.  Without you, our lobbyist is just one man when talking to our legislators.  From time to time we will send you legislative alerts about bills that are important to your rights as a firearm owner and carrier.  This emails often contain calls to action (request to call certain politicians).
    Please read this to find out how to find your State Senate and State House District numbers.  It may take you a minute to look up this additional information, but it is very valuable to have at times when we want to focus on just one or two legislators.
  • Our Event Alerts will notify you when we have events in your neck of the woods (typically within 50 miles).
  • By selecting to get our Newsletter you will receive an electronic copy of it when published.  These newsletters contain updates about our organization, select firearm news, and often a letter from the President of Michigan Open Carry.
  • Bi-Weekly Updates - Receive updates on what we're about to do around that state and a summary of what has just happened in the past two weeks.  We try to look two weeks ahead and two weeks back.
  • Random Musings of MOC's President - Random drivel about Open Carry and guns that comes out of the mind of MOC's President.
Once you sign up, you will be able to opt-out of this list or change your preferences as to what type of email you'd like to receive from us at any time.  This list is open to the public, please share it with your friends.  Don't forget to check your email to confirm that you want to be added to our list!

Because we value your privacy, we will never sell our list, give it away, or let other parties use it.

To ensure you receive our emails (as opposed to going into your spam box), add "updates@miopencarry.org" to your address book.

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