Luke Smitherd's Even More All-New Premature Release Review Group

Hi guys. This text has literally been copied from the sign up page for the last Premature Release Review Group; nothing new here. Rules are exactly the same. If you remember them from last time, go ahead and fill in your details. However, if this is the first time you've seen this rules page... READ IT CAREFULLY BEFORE SIGNING UP PLEASE! :-) 

Ok folks, thank you for clicking through to the sign up page. I’m going to be totally upfront about this: if I’m giving you my hard work for absolutely nada, then you absolutely need to stick to your part of this. That's only fair, right? Of course it is, you're a reasonable human being with excellent taste in 'literature'. What follows here is what you will need to do in return for getting the book for free, as well as for getting it several weeks early. If you have a look here and decide that you aren’t prepared to do all of these then of course that’s absolutely fine - and thank you anyway for considering it - and you can still pre-order or wait for the book to come out on December 6th. I hope you enjoy it!

However - and man, I hate to have to add this - if you do decide to sign up and then don't do your part in return ...welllllll then unfortunately you will be unable to take part in future offers like this. Obviously I hate having to be negative and "here are the rules" but sadly I have to as the system has been abused in the past by the minority. For those of you that do decide to go ahead and plan on doing their bit: a big, huge, massive thank you from me, and hey, we both get something nice here so high fives all round.

Ok? Fair? Negative stuff out of the way then, let’s get to the rules and then we can get you your free book! (Although some of you asked last time if you can still pay for it; of course you can, and you can do it at this link here. Thank you very much if you do, no offence taken at all if you don’t.)

  1. DO NOT SIGN UP UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR AMAZON REVIEWER NAME IS. Also: check that you have the right name, as last time a few people put down the wrong ones. If you sign up without entering your Amazon reviewer name, then you’ll be removed from the list. You'll be removed if your reviewer name is still ‘Amazon Customer.’ It's your responsibility to check what your reviewer name is ...
  2. YOU WILL NEED TO TAKE A SCREENSHOT OF YOUR REVIEW ONCE ITS UP AND EMAIL IT TO LUKE@LUKESMITHERD.COM Yeah, I know this one is a pain, but there's a reason why and i'll explain in a sec. So your screenshot can be a screengrab from your smartphone/desktop/laptop computer, or an actual photo of the review onscreen; either is fine. If you want to do a screengrab but don’t know how to do that, you can google it for whatever system you have; generally it’s extremely easy, so don’t worry (and a very useful thing to know generally if you use computers regularly.) Genuinely sorry about this one folks, but I'm extremely busy right now and spent so much time chasing people and checking reviews against the list last time. Also: if you send me your screenshot and it’s a different reviewer name to the one you’ve given me, that’s a blacklistin’.
  3. YOUR REVIEW NEEDS TO BE UP AND YOUR SCREENSHOT SENT TO ME ON LAUNCH DAY: DECEMBER 6TH!! Simple as that, really. You’ll be sent a reminder email on launch day morning as well, so no excuses.

And that’s it folks! Sorry to be so strict about it ...yet I’m not really sorry as I have to protect my work, and there were six people last time that just didn’t bother to hold up their end of the bargain. This has meant I have to lay down the law this time, and sincere apologies to the many excellent people last time who kept their end of the deal. However, due to incorrect Amazon reviewer names I can’t say for certain who the people who didn't do their bit in the past were, so I had to start a new group and ask for screenshots of the reviews, and here we are.

So. Still interested? If so, cool; fill in your details below! :)

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