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Each year as part of our grant request, we provide the JET Office at the Embassy of Japan and CLAIR a list of JETAADC members: their names, years on JET, and JET prefecture. As a result of their financial support, membership to JETAADC is free and we can continue to host JET-related events and activities.

All other information will only be accessible to JETAADC officers. No individual comments recorded in the survey will be released. If you have any questions, please contact the JETAADC Technology Chair at or the Communications Chair at
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Your last name while a JET participant.
Please indicate where you currently live.
All non-JET Alumni, please select "Friend of JET (FOJ)." For JET Alumni or FOJ who primarily belong to another JETAA Chapter but wish to receive JETAADC emails, please select "Non-JETAADC Member."
Where was your placement on the JET Program?
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Friends of JET, answer n/a.
Please let us know in which industry/field you work.
In addition to the JETAADC Career Forum each fall, we are sometimes asked to participate in other career panels. Please let us know if we can contact you regarding these opportunities if you are a good fit for the panel.
Let us know if we missed anything! What do you want to see from JETAADC? Or is there anyway JETAADC can support you? Let us know here or anytime at
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