Thank you for joining with me on this "Challenge"!

A whole month for Kindness! 
When you are kind to yourself, when you are kind to your world, when you are kind to others, life just seems nicer! 

If your mind is a little stuck in the negative or you just know your heart is ready to open, take a little time each day with me in March and we will get you bright and smiling again! 

It is now recognised that positive thinking and gratitude for 28 days changes the neural networks in your brain. Have you tried it? The stuff really works!

But the thing I keep getting that most of us is missing is a little kindness. We are human, we don't have to be perfect and this thing of self judgement is getting a little out of hand. 

Lets shake it up and share the love!

Each day for 28 days you will get an email delivered into your inbox with the "challenge" or focus of the day.

Warmth and joy,
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