If you have a wellness wobble, a mindset mish-mash, a lack-lustre life or a directional dilemma, I'm here to help you find your own perfect transformational soul-ution.  I use tried and tested transformational coaching techniques and a range of holistic and lifestyle medicine modalities to help you get back on track. 

I can share with you valuable information to help you thrive in 6 key areas of your life that impact your health and wellbeing, and I'll be introducing you to other like-minded souls too along the way with wonderful gifts and talents to share.

I promise to look after your contact details and never to pass them to any other third parties. You can find a copy of my Privacy Policy on my website, or I can send it to you on request.  

Eileen Strong

Holistic Therapies & Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching 


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