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Please write the official title of the program.
Please enter the name of your institution.
Please write the department or school where the program is affiliated.
Please include the month and year in which the program was officially launched.
Please include the program-dedicated website or the one where the program is included.
Please include the faculty members included in the program who are specifically involved in SE courses.
Please write the academic level associated to this program.
Please write the main language in which the program is taught. If various languages are used, please indicate percentages in parentheses.
Please add the estimated length of the program for a full-time student.
Please indicate the number of courses offered on SE or whether SE represents a minor/major in itself.
For European universities, please indicate the number of ECTS of the program.
Please include if any prerequisites are requested for registration in the program.
Please tell us any other detail about your program (offers exchange programs, internships, etc.).
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